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OEM Service

Shanghai Honour Industry Co., Ltd. has become one of the well-established OEM manufacturers for textile industry in China. The company’s core competency is in the OEM production of cost-effective and reliable textile products. With uncompromising commitment to excellence in Contract Manufacturing of OEM products, the company picks customers and projects that suit its OEM capabilities and strengths.

The major advantages of quilts contract manufacturing capabilities:

Rich Experience

Having 15 years’ experience in quilts production,we are the earliest quilts manufacturer in China.Having professional designer team and strict QC quality control system, all your various requirements can be met here. Our products are popular in Brazil,Chile,South America,Europe,the United states and all over the world.

Open &Transparent

Our customers and visitors may visit the entire factory to see how serious the employees produce OEM products and manage quality control. We welcome you very much!.
Our head office is located in Shanghai,the biggest port city of China,we have easy access to many forms of transportation, which allows us to ship the products at a cheap price.

Competitive Price

We have our own factory,which can ensure our products quality and control the cost.Our factory are located Pujiang city ,Zhejiang Province.We own the most advanced technology,and constantly strive to improve quality, QUALITY IS OUR CULTURE. And at the same time, we always try to cut down the production cost to add the customers’ benefit.

Advanced Technology & Facilities

Our company is using advanced technology and fully automaticmanufacturing & testing machines in the OEM production and facilities. This enable us to produce varied OEM products in accordance with customer and product requirements.

Compliance with International Standards & Directives

Shanghai Honour Industry Co., Ltd. is capable of contract manufacturing textile products. Our company is ISO 9001 :2000 Standard certified and qualified for the Sedex,Confidence in Textiles and Bsci.

Plant & Facilities

"Our factory are located in Pujiang county, Zhejiang, China. We use the most advanced technology, and constantly strive to improve quality, while we keep down our production cost of our products.
Such a high-tech OEM manufacturing plant coupled with a series of modern production facilities (see Table below) enable to produce a wide range of high quality OEM textile products in accordance with product specifications and customer requirements ."

Production Flow Chart

1. Gray Cloth

2. Printing

3. Cutting

4. Quilting

5. Piping

6. Inspection

7. Add Stiffene

8. Binding

9. Quilt Packing

10. Carton Packing

11. Loading

12. Seals